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  LCS Hockey, Issue 87, Feb. 10-24, 1998

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  Joe Sakic NHL Season Update

With the Olympics ready to roll, now would be a good time to take a look back at the NHL season thus far.
by Michael Dell, Editor-in-Chief

Team-by-Team NHL Reports
In-depth, team-by-team reports from our award-winning staff. Rosters, transactions, results, news, rumors, and more.

A Canadian Nightmare in Nagano
Canada can't win the gold medal at Nagano. Why? Because Bobby Clarke is using Team Canada to strengthen his own NHL team.
by Alex Carswell, Anaheim Correspondent

Olympic Preview
The 1998 edition of the Winter Olympics will be special since the NHL decided to shut down and allow the world's top players to participate in the Olympic ice hockey tournament.
by Jim Iovino, Ace Reporter

Point/Counterpoint - Olympic Hockey
Editor-in-chief Michael Dell and Ace Reporter Jim Iovino square off in the fabled point/counterpoint column. The topic: Olympic Hockey.
by LCS Hockey

Karmanos Mauled at Mall
It has been the talk of the town for the past several weeks. Even those reluctant to take part in the local scene had heard the rumors.
by Joe Rossi, Guest Correspondent

Rule Changes
With the league mired in a severe scoring drought, the 26 NHL general managers got together last week to contemplate ways in which to open up the game.
by Michael Dell, Editor-in-Chief

Bolts Got Worry
How did the club fall so far so fast? Let's examine the club from top to bottom and see just what went wrong.
by Seth Lerman, Tampa Bay Correspondent

Trevor Linden Trade
Mike Keenan took a big step by trading the Canucks longtime captain to the Islanders on Saturday, February 6th.
by David Feete, Correspondent

Chimp Bytes: General NHL News and Notes
NHL news, rumors, milestones, coaching changes, transactions, schedules, and information conveyed in simple words for simple people.
by Zippy, Wonder Chimp

AHL News
All of the latest news from the American Hockey League brought to you from our world-famous AHL reporter, Tricia McMillan.
by Tricia McMillan, AHL Correspondent

College Hockey Primer: The Horrible Truth About League Structures
When most people think of Valentine's Day, they think of love and romance. I think of beanie-clad freshman shoveling a pond.
by James Clippinger, College Hockey Correspondent

World Domination Update
LCS Hockey is reorganizing the troops for an increased world domination effort. Find out how you can support the cause.
by Zippy, Wonder Chimp

More Stuff...
A few finals thoughts about some stuff that I didn't feel like writing a whole article about.
by Michael Dell, Apprentice Wonder Chimp

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