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LCS Announces Official Classic TV Spokesperson!
By Michael Dell, editor-in-chief

If there's one thing LCS: Guide to Hockey loves, it's the classic TV. It's always been a dream of ours to have a spokesperson who appeared on television. After years of searching for the perfect classic TV spokesperson to represent LCS: Guide to Hockey, we've finally found our man.

It wasn't an easy decision. The person had to be cool. No sense in having a spokesperson that's a dork. That really wouldn't help matters much. Second, he had to have appeared on a cool TV show. This goes back to that whole "dork" thing. I mean, Isaac was a bad man and all, but "The Love Boat" blew. And third, the person would have to actually return our calls without threat of a restraining order, which pretty much ruled out any of the original Charlie's Angels.

When considering all the requirements, one person came to mind. And it now gives me great pleasure to introduce to you, our valued readers, the official classic TV spokesperson of LCS: Guide to Hockey... Whitman Mayo!

Whitman, of course, portrayed Grady Wilson, Fred Sanford's best buddy on "Sanford and Son". Ah, yes, "Sanford and Son"... never before have three words been so sweet. For those of you who don't remember the show, it was the story of Fred Sanford and his son Lamont, and how they lived together while operating the family-owned junkyard. Fred was kind of a feisty old guy and routinely got mixed up in nutty get-rich-quick schemes and other wackiness, often taking Grady along with him in his zany antics. Shakespeare himself couldn't have thought of a better premise.

Whitman Mayo
LCS Official Spokesperson, Whitman Mayo

As our official classic TV spokesperson, Whitman will do his best to spread the good word of LCS: Guide to Hockey while also being the living embodiment of all that's good about LCS... I really don't know what that would mean, but he might wear a cape or somthin', so that'll be pretty cool.

Here's what Whitman had to say about being our official spokesperson:

"I like LCS."

Pretty cool, huh? Now what's up, Hockey News? Where you at, ESPNet? Oh yes, it's true, there is now a substantial official- classic-TV-spokesperson gap in the race for ultimate hockey reportin' supremacy. And thanks to Whitman, LCS is lookin' back at the competition.

Would you like to learn more about Whitman Mayo? Then please visit your local library, or stop by Whitman's official web page, which LCS just happened to re-design, at www.goop.com

LCS: Guide to Hockey and Whitman Mayo... it's all good.

LCS: Guide to Hockey

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