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July 18, 2024
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LCS Classic

Looking for old-school NHL information, statistics, transactions, or news? If so, let the LCS Hockey Back Issues be your guide. Everything you could want to know about the NHL from 1994 to 1999 is well documented in these classic back issues of LCS Hockey.

The Best Of LCS Hockey

There have been a lot of great moments in the history of LCS Hockey since our humble beginning back in 1994. For the first five years of our existence, we were an issue-based publication. Granted, not all the issues were winners, but we like to think we delivered the goods on a fairly regular basis.

While each individual issue brings back its own distinct memories, there are those that stand out above the rest. We've constructed a list of our 10 favorite issues. We hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.

10. Issue 77 - September 1, 1997: While our annual Player Ratings Issues are a bit grueling to produce, they always seem to be a big hit with the kids. This is the most recent example of the form.

9. Issue 62 - February 4, 1997: Of all the features we've ever run, the LCS Fashion Statement article ranking the best NHL jerseys generated the most response.

8. Issue 86 - January 26, 1998: Lord help us, we love the Swedes. And this is the issue we proved it.

7. Issue 66 - April 1, 1997: As much as we love the Swedes, we loved the Whale even more. This was a final tribute to the mighty sea mammals.

6. Issue 64 - March 4, 1997: Our dream interview finally happened when Meredith Martini talked with LCS hero and the idol of millions from eight to eighty, Johnny Cullen

5. Issue 59 - December 23, 1996: This issue contains the famous "Where Have You Gone, Badaboum?" article that started the whole search. As an added bonus is the second of three appearances by Mike Keenan fanatic Kenny Bloom. And since it was around the holiday season, the web issue also has links to classic Christmas features such as the LCS Christmas Carol.

4. Issue 87 - February 10, 1998: The Maul at the Mall was probably the most unique task ever undertaken by LCS Hockey. Thankfully, it was a complete success and Peter Karmanos got beat down.

3. Issue 2 - July 15, 1994: The first issue of LCS was barely published when we made our way up to Hartford for the 1994 Entry Draft as members of the press. Our subsequent "Shaft at the Draft" set the tone for the future of LCS Hockey.

2. Issue 115 - March 10, 1999: The Darcy Tucker Tribute Issue will go down as an all-time classic. Not only did we have an interview with Darcy Tucker, but we showed you how to make your own Darcy Tucker puppet, we wrote a Darcy Tucker song that you can still download on MP3, and we asked some local school kids to draw their favorite moments from Darcy Tucker's career. A shining moment in the history of LCS Hockey...

1. Issue 85 - January 13, 1998: If I had to choose one issue to demonstrate what LCS Hockey is all about, it would be issue 85. I just feel it is everything we strive to be; informative, yet entertaining... 50/50, a little bit of this, a little bit of that.
LCS Hockey: Born Again
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