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Issue 66, April 1 - April 15

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A Tribute to the Whale
by LCS Guide to Hockey

    In order for LCS to try and deal with the grief brought about by this tragic announcement, we have decided to dedicate this issue to our beloved Hartford Whalers.
    Listen to the Sad Song of the Whale. Whale Song, AU (85K)

F e a t u r e s
  • World Domination Update/Credits
    AOL area is now running, use keyword "LCS Hockey".
    by Zippy the Wonder Chimp

  • In-depth team-by-team Reports
    In-depth team-by-team NHL news written by our award-winning staff of correspondents. Rosters, transactions, injuries, game results, team news and analysis.
    by LCS: Guide to Hockey

  • Karmanos, Hartford go separate ways
    On March 26, the Hartford Whalers proved that the NHL isn't biased against Canadian teams when Whaler owner Peter Karmanos announced that he would shell out a $20.5 million in order to leave Hartford.
    by Jim Iovino, Ace Reporter

  • The Day Brass Bonanza Died
    It isn't just about a hockey team. It is about a hole in our lives, a part of our past, present, and future taken away.
    by Steve Gallichio, Hartford Correspondent

  • NHL Round-up
    General NHL news, rumors, milestones, and information.
    by Zippy, Wonder Chimp

  • Old-School Whale Features
    No tribute is complete without a look back at our coverage of the Whale. Because of that, we have reprinted the best old-school Whale features that appeared in the pages of LCS Guide to Hockey.
    by LCS Guide to Hockey

  • Whales
    In honor of the Whale swimming out of Hartford, LCS Guide to Hockey wanted to present a swell report on the actual sea mammals themselves.
    by LCS Guide to Hockey

  • Greensburg Wants the Whale
    Being the true friend that we are, LCS would like to give the Whale a place to crash. So we are officially inviting the Whale to relocate to our home town of Greensburg, Pennsylvania.
    by Michael Dell, editor-in-chief

  • LCS: Wacky Poem Corner
    The migration of the Hartford Whalers has affected us all very deeply. One staff member was so moved, he put his thoughts into a poetic verse, "There She Blows! Blow Whale Blow!"
    by Matthew Secosky, Chimp B

  • Playoff Race Update
    A lot can change in two weeks. Here's a quick update of where things stand as of Tuesday morning, April 1.
    by Michael Dell, editor-in-chief

  • Hardware Hopefuls
    Now's the time of the season when LCS usually checks to see who the front-runners are for the individual NHL awards.
    by Michael Dell, editor-in-chief

  • Schedule Analysis
    You want the facts? Well, this here is filled to the rim with brim, baby. Steve compiled this data on the remaining schedules for every team in the NHL in order to predict each team's successes during the last two weeks of the season.
    by Steve Gallichio, Hartford Correspondent

  • NHL Prepares to Take The Big Show to Japan
    The Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Mighty Ducks will open their 1997-98 NHL regular seasons with a two game series at the 10,000-seat Yoyogi Arena in Tokyo, Japan.
    by Carol Schram, Vancouver Correspondent

  • Chasing the elusive 5-0
    Scoring is down throughout the National Hockey League this season. One can look no further for proof than the league-leaders in goal scoring.
    by Jim Iovino, Ace Reporter

  • Henderson Leads North Dakota to Sixth NCAA Title
    North Dakota's Matt Henderson turned in one such heroic performance, scoring two second-period goals in the Fighting Sioux's 6-4 victory over the Boston University Terriers in front of 17,537.
    by Chris Foreman, Correspondent

  • The Brawl
    Bloody Wednesday was definitely a night to remember in Motown as the Red Wings and Colorado Avalanche beat up on each other in a 6-5 overtime Detroit win.
    by Dino Cacciola, Detroit Correspondent

  • Goneau Hoping to Go Back to New York
    Few people thought the 1996 draft pick would make the Rangers' roster, let alone be a team leader in goals.
    by Tricia McMillan, AHL Correspondent

  • Greats of the Game: Bobby Clarke
    Bobby Clarke wreaked havoc on the league as the swift-skating leader of the "Broad Street Bullies."
    by Chris Foreman, Correspondent

  • NHL Directory
    A complete source of team information. Contact and arena info; GM, Coaching, and Captain histories; current team rosters; team schedules; and historical information.

  • NHL Statistics and Boxscores
    Player statistics, boxscores, power play/penalty killing stats, hat tricks, shutouts, penalty shots and more.

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