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  LCS the Lost Issue
Can You Find It?
by Michael Dell, Editor-in-Chief

As I'm sure some of you know, the LCS server was down for almost the past month. One of the casualties of the unfortunate event was Issue 84. Originally scheduled to come out on December 16, the server went loopy just hours before publication.

When the server finally got back online January 8, it seemed a little late to put the issue up, especially since we had Issue 85 on the immediate horizon. So what to do with Issue 84?

Well, there was only one choice. Issue 84 will be known as the Lost Issue of LCS. This way future generations can one day stumble upon the issue and debate its significance and wonder just what went wrong.

While the issue is lost, that doesn't mean you can't read it. The issue is online and good to go. It's just set up in a zany directory. All you have to do is guess the mystery directory and type it after the usual www.lcshockey.com/issues/84/ and you're in like Flynn.

In order to aid your journey, LCS commissioned a Leprechaun to write a limerick concerning the whereabouts of the Lost Issue. Here's what the little fella came up with...

A baker's dozen you will need,
to find the issue after 83.

The group contains three separate things,
typed together in one long string.

First, the nickname of an evil foe,
followed by a term for wind that flows.

Last you'll need an animal quite snappy,
all in all, this would make Carl happy.

Decipher the clues from this lyrical mess,
and you will enjoy the Lost Issue of LCS.

Aw, that was great, that was fun. Well, there ya go. All the info you need is right there in that catchy little ditty. Good luck.

LCS Hockey

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