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June 24, 2018
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The Tugnutt Trade: A Columbus Perspective

It says a lot about a team when they trade the best player they've ever had for the 20th overall pick in the Entry Draft. Not that anybody really needs confirmation that the Blue Jackets aren't real good.

The Men With The Neon Green Bugs On Their Shoulder sent Ron Tugnutt to Dallas today for a first-round draft pick.

And, hey, they might as well build for the future. It's not like the present is anything worth keeping intact. While they're at it, it wouldn't be a bad idea to ship Ray Whitney, Geoff Sanderson, Espen Knutsen, that guy in the bug suit, Badaboom's mom, and assistant coach Gerard Gallant off in exchange for whatever they can get. I hear Christian Ruuttu and Hakan Loob are available.

The problem is, the Jackets also sent their second-round pick to Dallas as part of the deal. Granted, it's not like there's a long and storied history of second-round draft picks storming their way into the Hall of Fame. A glance at the second round of the 1997 entry draft brings back some memories: Juha Gustafsson, Stanislav Gron, Brian Gaffaney, Pat Kavanagh. Come to think of if, I have no memories of these guys. I think I saw Pat Kavanagh performing at Murphy's Pub last weekend, but I have no memories of Saturday night, either.

So where does that leave the BJ's for next season? Last place, of course.

But what's the situation gonna be between the pipes? It's gonna be all Marc Denis. Which may not necessarily be a bad thing. Denis holds the all-time professional hockey record for most time spent as a hot prospect. That has to mean something. Unfortunately for those of us in Columbus who actually follow how the team does on the ice, Denis has never lived up to his billing.

Which, at least at this point, makes him the ultimate Man With A Neon Green Bug On His Shoulder.

LCS Hockey: Born Again
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