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  A Word with the Kids
by LCS Hockey

While planning our tribute to Sweden, we thought it would be a good idea to get the story directly from the source. So we contacted our friend Matti Merilaid of the Brannhallskolan school located in Nacka, Sweden, which is just outside of Stockholm.

Last year, Matti's students, who range in age from 10-13, were working on a class project about pre-NHL hockey. When Matti wrote to us asking for some information to help their cause, we were more than happy to share the knowledge. So when we needed info on Sweden, we knew we could go to Matti and the kids. This is just a perfect example of the special rapport we have with the Swedish people. Which once again proves our theory, Swedes love the LCS.

Anyway, Matti was kind enough to ask some of the youngsters at the school to write about their homeland. We would now like to share these writings with you, our valued readers. These wonderful kids, who are still learning English, did their best to share their thoughts on what it's like to live in Sweden. And we are eternally grateful for their kindness. Enjoy.

"Hello! Here in Sweden we have no polarbears in our country. We have 25 landscapes. Our Capital is Stockholm. Sweden is a beautiful country. It's not so cold here but not so warm either. We live in a suburb to Stockholm. We have many museums here. We have landscapeanimals and landscapeflowers. Our landscapes are called: Dalsland, Blekinge, Bohuslan, Vastergotland, Halland, Skane, Smaland, Oland, Uppland, Norrbotten, Gotland, Gastrikland, Lappland, Ostergotland, Halsingland, Jamtland, Sodermanland, Medelpad, Harjedalen, Narke, Angermanland, Dalarna, Vastmanland, Vasterbotten, Varmland. That was the 25 landscapes. We have a very big cienam, called Cosmonova. They show films in omnimax size. Goodbye!"
-- Sanna Bjurstrom, 12, and Hanna Sandberg, 12.

"If you compare Sweden to USA you could easily say that USA have more 'life' than Sweden. Sweden is a very quiet country. I've been to USA myself and was chocked over that two countries could be so different to eachother. The food for example, USA have more junk food than Sweden, that's why the most people in USA are very fat, in Sweden the most people are tall and skinny. Buses, a very important thing here in Sweden. People go to work by bus, visit their friends by bus etc. The buses here are very comfortable. Sweden is very big with sports, hockey for example, my favourite team is Djurgardens I F. Other sports Sweden is good at is for example swimming. Sweden came on the second place last week in 100 m butterfly. It was a swim-WC compatition. Now it's snowing outside, I hate snow!"
-- Roeida Alshagra, 12.

"Sweden are a beuatiful country. You can swim on the summer and skiing on the vinter. In Sweden lives 9 millions, only in Stockholm lives 1 462 000 peoples. Swedens area is 450 000 km2. In Sweden we have a big mountain that's name are Kebnekaise. This winter we don't get so much snow so nearly everyone want snow now. Swedens ice-hockeyleauge are the best after NHL have I heard. I like to play hockey to. I playing ice-hockey in Aftonbladet cup. Thats a cup for all childrens."
-- Viktor Lundbäck, 11.

"Hi, my name is Alex I'm 12 years old. My idols is Wu Tang Clan and Cyppress Hill. I like football.

Hello, my name is Linus. I'm 12 years old. My idols are Prodigy and Bloodhound Gang. I play hockey here in Sweden. My favourite team is AIK.

Hello my name is Richard I'm 12 years old. My idols are Willie Smith and Coolio. I play football and hockey. I play football with Alex and hockey with Linus. Alex are a hip hoper. In Sweden we become more and more like Americans. We listen at your music (Willie Smith and Backstreet Boys for example). We watch your movies (Titanic) and we eating American food like hamburger and pan pizza."
-- Alex Mugabe, 12, Linus Persson, 12, and Richard Lindstrom, 12.

"In Sweden we have a zoo it's called 'Skansen', The zoo is in Stockholm wich is Swedens capital. In the zoo we have many wild animals. For example: bears, horses, foxes, monkeys and many more. The animals are inside fences. We can watch them. On the horses we can ride. Last year the bears had babys. They have it every year. The babys are so pretty. In a bassin we have seals.We can watch the seals on many floors. It's fun to be there. You can find a souvenirshop there. In the shop you can buy 'dala horses', keyrings, stickers, pens, sea shells, rubber animals and so on. In the zoo you can go in to the terrarium, there you can see snakes, spiders, crabbs, crocodiles they also have a nursery where you can see baby animals when they are born. Then you buy icecream and go home. If you want you can take the boat to Djurgarden or take the bus from central station. In winter here in Sweden it's rather cold. In Stockholm we don't have snow right now, but in Lappland in the north of Sweden they have a lot of snow (real winter). The last year we have snow. When we have snow all the kids go out and play, or rid snowracers, it's fun. many kids build snowcaves, snowlanterns and snowmen. We use to ski at Hammarbybacken, that's also fun. Some ski and some snowboard."
-- Anna Olofsson, 13.

"In Stockholm we have a tivoli we call it 'Grona Lund'. It's very fun too be there. Beside the tivoli we have a zoo we call it 'Skansen'. It's a lot of animals there. Many tourists visit Skansen and Grona Lund. I play football in a team Boo FF. In Stockholm we have 'Stockholm Soccer Cup', it's a fotball cup on grass. It's many country in it. 23th february we have sportholliday many people in Sweden go to the Swedish alps to ski or to snowboard."
-- Elin Lindberg, 12.

"Hello my name is Linus and I'm ten years old. We have no president we have a king we have a crownprinsess she is going to study in USA we have snow now we have a city-hall there we are giving out Nobelprice we have 25 landscapes in Sweden."
-- Linus Eriksson, 10.

"Hello! My name is Miretta Palmroth and I love Michael Jackson, I ride horses in Huddinge in south Sweden. It's very fun to ride. Today the 23 januari me and my class 6b are going to a ice house. There is very nice ice sculpturs in the ice house. The house is built of ice and snow. Everybody can go and watch in the house. We are a very small class, We are 11 students."
-- Miretta Palmroth, 13.

"We have a good hockeyteam whid name Djurgarden I F. Meny people in the school play football with Boo FF. We lives in Orminge one mils from Stockholm. We have thri letters more then USA: Å Ä Ö. We have a big mountain whid name Kebenikaise. The biggest sport in Sweden is football. We have a center ner by the school whid name Orminge centrum and a hospetale. We have a animal park in Stockholm whit name Skansen. This year is Stockholm kulturhuvudstad (don't know in English). Good by."
-- Peter Sehlin, 12, Christian Bergius, 12, and David Granlund, 12.

"Hello! In Stockholm we have a amusement park it called Grona Lund. There we have one roller coaster, lover tunnel. radio cars, goast tunnel and many more. When I go by a roller coaster I get butterflys in my stomach. In the lover tunnel you can see lover pairs and one crocodil and a few hobgoblins. You can ride radio cars. You should croquet with other cars. It's very funny to do that. When I go by a goast tunnel you can be scared. In the tunnel you can find animals and ghost that scare you crazy. They also have a flying carpet it's rotates round and round, the swinging is glories. You can buy som lottery tickets you can win soft animals. The animal can be very biggs. And later you going home and sleeping. Have nice day, buy, buy!"
-- Camilla Ek, 13.

LCS Hockey

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