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Issue 64, March 4 - March 18

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Cullen Speaks!
by Meredith Martini, Correspondent

    A few weeks ago LCS Correspondent, Meredith Martini, undertook a monumental mission that could change the world. The noble task... interview the idol of millions from eight to 80, John Cullen. Meredith overcame countless setbacks, but in the end the mission was a success. Want to know what Cullen said? Read on.

F e a t u r e s
  • World Domination Update/Credits
    AOL area opened February 21. Use keyword "LCS Hockey".
    by Zippy the Wonder Chimp

  • In-depth team-by-team Reports
    In-depth team-by-team NHL news written by our award-winning staff of correspondents. Rosters, transactions, injuries, game results, team news and analysis.
    by LCS: Guide to Hockey

  • Bruins Choose Profits Over Playoffs
    Only hours after a heroic team effort in which the Bruins came from behind to tie one of the best teams in hockey, Bruins management ripped the heart out of the team by trading Adam Oates, Rick Tocchet, and Bill Ranford to the Washington Capitals,
    by Matt Brown, Boston Correspondent

  • Capitals Win Blockbuster Trade for Now
    The Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins are two teams with a reputation of making the playoffs every year. This season, both clubs are on the outside looking in, and decided that something needed to be done.
    by Jason Sheehan, Washington Correspondent

  • NHL Round-up
    General NHL news, rumors, milestones, and information.
    by Zippy, Wonder Chimp

  • Killer On The Loose
    After months of speculation, Doug Gilmour was traded on Feb. 25, 1997, along with another veteran, Dave Ellett, to the New Jersey Devils for 23-year-old defenceman Jason Smith, 22-year-old forward Steve Sullivan and 19-year-old center Alyn McCauley.
    by Jonah Sigel, Toronto Correspondent

  • Beware of Doug
    The trade the Devils made for Doug Gilmour is not just the trade of the year, it might also turn out to be the biggest trade in the mostly ho-hum history of the franchise.
    by Dave Feete, Playoff Prophet

  • Rumors du jour
    With the trading deadline only two weeks away, everyone is embroiled in trade rumors. However, with Gilmour and Oates now gone, it's become a lot harder to predict. So here at LCS, with the help of our crystal ball and the eyes and ears of our correspondents around the league, here are a few of the best rumors we've heard.
    by Tony Wong, Calgary Correspondent

  • Johnston Out as Penguin Coach
    The Pittsburgh Penguins relieved Johnston of his head coaching duties on Monday, March 3, with the club having lost four straight games and eight of its last nine.
    by Michael Dell, editor-in-chief

  • Editorial: Patrick Proves Who's Boss
    By firing Eddie Johnston, Pittsburgh Penguins General Manager, Craig Patrick, has succeeded in clearing a previously-cloudy answer to the question, "Who's the boss?"
    by Chris Foreman, Featured Writer

  • The Islanders' Best Lachance So Far
    I'm a-gonna share with you a tale of mine that I remember from my youth. See, around about '90 or '91 there was this young whipper-snapper defenseman comin' out of Boston U who...
    by Dave Feete, Old Grouch

  • Brent Peterson Knows John Cullen
    Peterson has split the season between Tampa and Adirondack, otherwise he'd likely be Adirondack's top scorer. He is currently with the Bolts, playing alongside John Cullen.
    by Tricia McMillan, AHL Correspondent

  • Greats of the Game: Marcel Dionne
    Despite a resume which reflects his standing as third all-time in goals, assists, and points, the spotlight seemed to shun the steady centerman over his 18 National Hockey League seasons.
    by Chris Foreman, Correspondent

  • NHL Directory
    A complete source of team information. Contact and arena info; GM, Coaching, and Captain histories; current team rosters; team schedules; and historical information.

  • NHL Statistics and Boxscores
    Player statistics, boxscores, power play/penalty killing stats, hat tricks, shutouts, penalty shots and more.

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