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World Domination Update, Vol.2 No.11
by LCS: guide to hockey

World Domination ain't easy, it takes time. You know, it took Larry King, the iron man of broadcasting, years to reach stardom. So how can we complain. Here is a recap of the latest from the offices of LCS Guide to Hockey...

Thanks Inside Edge
LCS would like to extend a thanks to the people who are responsible for producing the Washington Capitals' game program, Inside Edge, for including a blurb on LCS in their 'Skating the Net' section.

Here is what the fine folks at Inside Edge had to say about LCS:
"LCS: Guide to Hockey, a bi-weekly internet-only hockey publication. This one is really special - features, in-depth reports, stats, rosters, injuries, schedules and more. Every issue is archived in an extensive file of back issues. Check out the recent article on Capitals' defenseman Joe Reekie."

LCS Debut on AOL Rescheduled for mid-February
The grand opening of a new frontier of LCS dominance was delayed as a result of a recent alien invasion. Thankfully the Space Goats left the Vienna, VA headquarters of AOL shortly after consuming a meal of pancakes.

AOL has rescheduled the opening of the new LCS Guide to Hockey area to February 10. Hopefully. That's what they tell us. Until our area is open, look for us on the hockey chat boards praising John Cullen.

We hope that many of our loyal readers will make plans to help us celebrate the opening of our new AOL area. As the time draws closer, we will announce other new features that you can expect from LCS.

LCS: The Announcement List
Do you want to be reminded of future issues of LCS? If so, sign up for the LCS Announcement List by sending an e-mail message to zippy@psu.edu. The list will alert you to new issue releases, features and news from LCS.

LCS: the hockey pool
LCS: the hockey pool January 14th marked the half-way point of the LCS pool. The top three epoch finishers will be awarded prizes at the end of the season. Please take time to find out how well your team is doing. The pool rules and results are available from LCS: the hockey pool.

LCS: The Domain Name
Announcement In order to make accessing LCS easier for you, our valued readers, LCS can now be found at http://www.lcshockey.com. Eventually this will become our permanent address on the 'Net. But don't worry, our old address at http://www.canadas.net/sports/Sportif/ will remain valid.

NHL Directory
An addition has been made to the LCS web site. To serve you, our valued customer better, we have created the NHL Directory. A wealth of team and NHL information is included in the directory, including: arena information; team addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers; general manager, coach and captain histories; and links to team records, retired jersey numbers, current rosters and schedules.

LCS: Questions o' the Month
The Questions o' the Month have been a formidable challenge to all who have dared solve their riddles. So difficult are these questions that not a single soul was able to correctly all 10 Gilligan's Island trivia questions for the month of January. Two readers got nine-of-ten correct, but it still ain't a perfect score. Once again we're disappointed with you, our intelligent, valued readers. This month we're going with another classic television program you all should know, Dragnet. If you answer all 10 questions right, you can win a free LCS T-shirt.

LCS: the t-shirt
LCS: the tshirt Offical LCS t-shirts can now be purchased by the general public. The shirts are 100% cotton and come in three colors (size XL only). All shirts sport a spiffy LCS logo on the front. To find out how to order, visit the LCS t-shirt page. Our supply of shirts is running low and once they're gone this shirt design will never be available again.

Coming Soon!
LCS on AOL (Feb. 10 ???), a classic television spokesman (Feb.), the opening of the LCS Hall of Fame (late Feb.), and much, much more...


Michael Dell Editor-in-Chief
Zippy the Wonder Chimp Computer Boy
Jim Iovino Ace Reporter
Matthew Secosky Chimp B
Dan Hurwitz Force for Cultural Hegemony
John Kreiser Featured Columnist
Nicole Agostino Stat Girl
Burns and Hensley Featured Columnists
Rich Dillon Featured Columnist
Joe Gulino Hockey Pool Guy
Sandi Trudo Anaheim Correspondent
Matt Brown Boston Correspondent
Valeri Hammerl Buffalo Correspondent
Tony Wong Calgary Correspondent
Dan Glovier Chicago Correspondent
Matt Gitchell Colorado Correspondent
Jim Panenka Dallas Correspondent
Jonah Sigel Detroit Correspondent
Simon D. Lewis Edmonton Correspondent
Eric A. Seiden Florida Correspondent
Steve Gallichio Hartford Correspondent
Matt Moore Los Angeles Correspondent
David Ibrahim New Jersey Correspondent
David Strauss NY Islanders Correspondent
Alex Frias NY Rangers Correspondent
The Nosebleeders Ottawa Correspondent
Eric Meyer Philadelphia Correspondent
Jeff Brown Phoenix Correspondent
Michael Dell Pittsburgh Correspondent
Joe Ashkar St. Louis Correspondent
Mark Spiegel San Jose Correspondent
Troy Ely Tampa Bay Correspondent
Brad Ross Toronto Correspondent
Carol Schram Vancouver Correspondent
Jason Sheehan Washington Correspondent
Jason Sheehan IHL Correspondent
Tricia McMillan AHL Correspondent
Brian Wishnow Progosticator Guy
Eric Legault Correspondent
Chris Foreman Correspondent
Dan Piedra Correspondent
Jon Nuckolls Correspondent
Jennifer Chu Correspondent
Glenn McCready Correspondent

LCS: Guide to Hockey, Issue 62, February 4 - February 18, 1997
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