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LCS Hockey

  The Darcy Tucker Song
by Matthew Secosky, One-Man Band

From the LCS Hockey Sound Studios comes this magical, mysterious, musical journey into that which is Darcy Tucker. The Desire. The Energy. The Fury. All in all a haunting reminder of the savage beauty contained inside.

Download the song and keep it nearby. That way next time you see Darcy Tucker play you can set the song on "repeat" and turn her loose every time Darcy hits the ice. Consider it your personal Darcy Tucker Watchin' Music. A present from us to you, our valued readers.

Download: The Darcy Tucker Song (1.9M) in mp3 format!


You don't Know what I saw
When I wAs watching TV
god His eyes, that crazy look in his eyes
He just sNapped

Darcy Tucker (sunshined) 'em up old school...
Darcy Tucker (sunshined) 'em up old school...

LCS Hockey

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