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LCS Hockey

  The Kids Love Darcy Tucker
by LCS Hockey

To help commemorate this special occasion, we asked the kids at St. Aquinas Academy in Greensburg to draw pictures of our hero, Darcy Tucker. The kids, ranging in age from 5 to 8, produced some very interesting stuff. Here is a sample of their work. All the drawings will be bundled and sent to Tucker, who I'm sure will display them proudly on his refrigerator door.

Nick Adams, age 5

Catherine Barkley, age 6

Ben Thomas, age 5

Edwin Parker, age 7

Sally McMillan, age 5

Robert Benchley, age 8

Alex Wolcott, age 7

Chris Geffel, age 6

Jeff Bennett, age 7

Michael Dell, age 24
(but reads at a 2nd grade level)

LCS Hockey

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