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  LCS Hockey Names Official Wrestler
by Michael Dell, Editor-in-Chief

In our relentless quest for world domination, LCS Hockey is constantly searching for new and innovative ideas to spread the good word. One way we do this is by welcoming "Official" members into the LCS Family.

Two years ago, we named Whitman "Grady" Mayo of "Sanford and Son" fame as our Official Classic TV Spokesperson. Then this past season, "Mr. Show with Bob and David" became the Official TV Show of LCS Hockey. It is now time for the grand tradition to continue.

It gives us great pride to announce Chris Jericho as the Official Wrestler of LCS Hockey! Yes, that's right, the master of 1,0004 moves is in our corner. Do you think The Hockey News has an Official Wrestler? You know what? I don't think they do. Why? Because they're stupid. But even if they did, our Official Wrestler could beat up their Official Wrestler.

"Lion Heart" Chris Jericho,
the Official Wrestler of LCS Hockey

A true hockey fan, Jericho is the son of former NHLer Ted Irvine, who played in the big show from 1967-77 with the Kings, Rangers, and Blues. If he wasn't in the ring busting heads, the "Lion Heart" would probably be on the ice ringing up goals.

Born in New York City while his dad was playing for the Blueshirts, Jericho was raised in Winnipeg and calls Calgary home. It was during his formative years in Canada that the youngster came to appreciate the sport of professional wrestling. At the age of 19, Jericho enrolled in the famous Hart Brothers Wrestling School to train under the tutelage of the legendary Stu Hart.

Jericho made his professional wrestling debut on October 2, 1990. After gaining his initial experience working the independent Canadian circuit, he then moved on to Mexico, Germany, and several highly successful tours of Japan.

In February of 1996, Jericho came to North American prominence with his first appearance in the hardcore world of Extreme Championship Wrestling. It wasn't long before our hero had the ECW Television strap around his waist. He's just that good.

From there it was on to his current employer, World Championship Wrestling. During his two plus years with WCW, Jericho has held the Cruiserweight belt an unprecedented five times and most recently owned the WCW TV Title before it was stolen from him by the powers that be. Just another example of the man trying to keep him down.

His run-ins with the establishment and his overall winning personality makes Jericho the perfect fit for LCS Hockey. As our Official Wrestler, Jericho will continue to embody all the qualities that have made LCS Hockey what it is today, namely hard work, enviable talent, and the willingness to slap people silly.

"Being a hockey player and fan, it's an honor to be the official wrestler of such a prestigious site," declared Jericho. "Maybe someday I can parlay this into a real high-paying gig... the offiicial wrestler for espn.com!"

LCS Hockey, like the millions of other Jericoholics world wide, will be with Jericho every step of the way in his quest to recapture gold. When he steps through those ropes, we'll be there. When he's in the ring fighting for his life, we'll be there. And when we end up in the drunk tank, hopefully he'll pick up the phone.

Thanks to Chris Jericho, LCS Hockey has put the entire hockey reportin' business in one big ol' Lion Tamer. You can almost hear the competition tapping out now.

Be sure to visit Chris Jericho's Official Website at...


LCS Hockey

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