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Kevin Constantine


C - Robert Lang, Alexei Kovalev, Jan Hrdina, Tyler Wright. LW - Martin Straka, German Titov, Stu Barnes, Kip Miller, Patrick Lebeau, Ian Moran, Dan Kesa. RW - Jaromir Jagr, Aleksey Morozov, Robby Brown. D - Darius Kasparaitis, Kevin Hatcher, Brad Werenka, Jiri Slegr, Bobby Dollas, Neil Wilkinson, Jeff Serowik, Victor Ignatjev, Maxim Galanov. G - Tom Barrasso, Peter Skudra, Craig Hillier.


Tom Barrasso, g (hip, day-to-day); Darius Kasparaitis, d (knee, day-to-day); Aleksey Morozov, rw (achy all over, day-to- day); Victor Ignatjev, d (shoulder, indefinite); Patrick Lebeau, lw (shoulder, indefinite).


Lost Harry York, c, to the Vancouver Canucks off waivers. Recalled Dan Kesa, lw, and Craig Hillier, g.


12/12 at St. Louis W 4-3
12/15 Tampa Bay    W 3-2 OT
12/16 at Florida   L 4-1
12/19 Washington   W 3-0
12/21 at Toronto   L 7-1


Atlantic Division   GP   W   L   T   PTS   GF   GA 
  New Jersey        30  18   8   4    40   90   76 
  Philadelphia      31  14   9   8    36   86   70   
  Pittsburgh        29  13   9   7    33   83   80   
  NY Rangers        31  11  13   7    29   84   86  
  NY Islanders      32  12  19   1    25   79   93


by Jerry Fairish, Pittsburgh Correspondent

Okay, so I can admit that even I, sometimes, may be wrong. I strongly stress the sometimes part.

Anyway, a few issues back after the Penguins made a deal for Petr Nedved, I referred to Alexei Kovalev as "underachieving." I mean big deal, I was wrong once in my life. It's not as ridiculous as thinking that Chris Benoit has been a bigger asset to wrestling than Hollywood Hogan, but it was still a misjudgment on my part.

Since joining the Pens, Kovalev has nine points in nine games. One of which was an absolute laser he blew past Grant Fuhr December 12th, helping the Pens to a 4-3 victory over the Blues. When I asked my little niece what she thought of the goal, she used words like "cool" and even "awesome", so you know something's happening. I feel now, although I didn't at the time, that the trade will benefit both teams. Nedved has been enjoying success playing with Gretzky in New York and now Kovalev is showing promise here in the 'Burgh.

Several issues ago I commented on how awesome Marty Straka has been playing this season. Straka has 15 goals, which ties him for 6th in the NHL. He also has 32 points, which puts him in the top ten in points.

I also noted that Mankind was gay. Well, he is gay, so I was right about that too.

Tom Barrasso recorded his second shutout of the season Saturday night, as the Pens blanked the Caps 3-0. Why do I care you ask? That's five bonus points for me in fantasy hockey, that's why, Chester.

Oh yeah, Mankind's gay!

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Merry Christmas!

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