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June 24, 2018
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LCS Top 100: Introduction

Lord help me, I love the TV. And one of my favorite things to watch is old NFL Films programming. The autumn wind is, indeed, a Raider, so I couldn't get enough of the NFL Network's Top 100, which ranked the best players in NFL history.

Yeah, their selection at No. 1 (and I refuse to even mention his name) was positively preposterous, but don't allow that to diminish an otherwise spectacular achievement. The entire series was brilliantly done and provided sports fans with fodder for meaningless arguments and trivial debates, two pillars of modern society.

In the midst of my pigskin euphoria, I still couldn't help but wonder what an NHL's Top 100 would look like. The Hockey News put out its Top 100 back in 1998. Before it went off the air, NHL2Night revealed its Top 100 as a parting gift. Yet in all its many incarnations, LCS Hockey has never penned a Top 100.

The time has come.

Obviously comparing players from different eras is fraught with peril. Even an ordinary player today would dominate in the 1930s simply due to the natural evolution of the game and the size and skill of its players. But I didn't want to exclude the early NHLers who made such a significant contribution to the sport's history. I'd like this list to serve as an educational resource for hockey fans of all ages, providing the opportunity to learn about some of the forgotten legends who made the sport what it is today.

In the end, I decided to evaluate each player within his respective era. If he was a superstar in the 1930s, then he's considered on the same level as the modern stars, regardless of physical stature or statistical disparities.

And this isn't merely about career achievements. Yes, players must have pelts on the wall to make the list, and their respective statistics slot them into natural tiers. However, when contemplating their precise ranking, I tried to judge players as individuals free from teams and systems.

When in doubt, I imagined every player in NHL history lined up for a mythical pick-up game, each man in perfect health and at the peak of his abilities. Who would get picked first? Second? Third? It's like one big fantasy draft.

Also, don't forget to download LCS Hockey's NHL 94. It features rosters loaded with each franchise's best players, including every member of our Top 100. They're all there. It's the tops.

I'll reveal 10 players every few days or so. Stay tuned to the big fake radio show and my Twitters for updates.

And finally, this is meant to be a celebration of hockey. It's only an exhibition. It's not a competition. So please, as always, no wagering.

Let the arguments begin.

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LCS Hockey: Born Again
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