LCS Hockey: Born Again
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June 19, 2019
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The Ed's Super Deluxe Hockey Game

Artist's rendition of The Ed
by Jon Larkins

Our pal The Ed loves hockey. And to prove it, he came up with The Ed's Super Deluxe Hockey Game, a swell test of strategy and skill .

Basically, there are 10 groups of teams, with three teams in each set. You select one team from each group. Starting January 1 and running through January 31, your teams will earn 10 points for every win, one point for every goal scored, and five points for every shutout. Teams will lose three points for each loss.

On January 15, you'll be allowed to trade up to three teams, swapping them out for another team from their respective three-team set. But that's your only chance to change teams.

At the end of the month, the five players with the most points will win prizes. God bless The Ed. He just gives and gives and gives.

To sign up, you can post your teams over at or email me your selections to, and I'll pass 'em along to The Ed.

GROUP 1: San Jose, Boston, NY Rangers

GROUP 2: Detroit, Washington, Philadelphia

GROUP 3: Chicago, Calgary, New Jersey

GROUP 4: Montreal, Vancouver, Anaheim

GROUP 5: Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Carolina

GROUP 6: Minnesota, Nashville, Phoenix

GROUP 7: Colorado, Florida, Columbus

GROUP 8: Los Angeles, Edmonton, Toronto

GROUP 9: Dallas, Ottawa, St. Louis

GROUP 10: Atlanta, NY Islanders, Tampa Bay

LCS Hockey: Born Again
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