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June 26, 2019
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Pay for Play: NHL to Stream Games Online

The NHL will livestream almost all of its games online this season.

That's cool.

However, the price will be steep. A subscription to's GameCenter Live will run a hockey fan $169 for the season, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Holy Schnikes!

That's more than what MLB charges for its online package ($120).

Some games were streamed live last year on Yahoo! and on Comcast's Web site, which was kind of cool, but there's no word on whether those deals will continue. My guess is no if people are going to have to pay to watch on

The NHL and Yahoo! did join forces on fantasy hockey. You can find out more about that deal here.

Another alternative to watch games this year is the Center Ice package on your cable system or dish. Rumor has it the early-bird special is $159 for the whole year. Read a good message board about it by clicking here.

Oh, and Versus is always an option for the five people out there who know the channel exists.

LCS Hockey: Born Again
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