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June 19, 2019
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Ice-olations: Sakic's Back, Foppa Isn't, and Jhoon Rhee?

By now you've heard the news that Joe Sakic has decided to return to the Colorado Avalanche for his 20th NHL season.

Sakic said he's healthy, at least as healthy as a 39-year-old NHL veteran can be, and still has a love for the game.

So he's headed back to Colorado with a new one-year, $6 million contract. That's $750,000 less than he made last year, yet still more than the entire staff of LCS Hockey will ever earn in our lifetimes.

The addition of Sakic's contract puts the Avs about $7 million under payroll, depending on roster cuts at the end of training camp.

We tried talking about Sakic's return on Wednesday's LCS Hockey Radio Show, but Blogtalk broke, so you probably won't hear it. Basically, we were glad to see Sakic come back, but are a little leery of how he'll be able to handle another season, especially after the sports hernia injury he suffered last year and the daily grind of the NHL season.

Is he hanging around a year too long? Should No. 19 have called it quits after season No. 19? Perhaps, but if he still wants to give it another go-round, it's his call. He's Joe Sakic, after all. No one should be able to tell him otherwise. Let that be a lesson, Green Bay Packers...

But it also got us thinking about another one of our favorite players -- Mario Lemieux. He probably played a few seasons too long and made too many comebacks. Granted, he had good reason -- saving the franchise (again) and trying to fill seats. But watching Mario in the final seasons of his career was kind of sad compared to what we knew he could accomplish in his prime. He was older, a lot slower, and it just didn't seem right. His career points per game average dropped below 2, and a whole new generation of fans have a totally different impression of the greatest hockey player of all time than those who grew up watching him put up amazing numbers.

So Joe, we're glad you're back. Here's hoping you've got one more healthy and productive season left in the tank.

Foppa's Future

While Sakic is in the fold, it's still unclear if we've seen the last of Peter Forsberg.

The oft-injured superstar has the same agent as Sakic. So when news broke of Sakic's signing, agent Don Baizley was also asked about Forsberg's status.

His response: Move along. Nothing to see here.

Forsberg is apparently still bothered by foot issues that have limited his playing time the last two seasons (at least). He's tried to skate, but said the foot is still bothering him.

And until that pain goes away, Forsberg's not returning to the Avs or any other NHL team.

There was word in Sweden that Foppa's rehabilitation could take until at least Christmas, so don't expect any more updates anytime soon.

In the meantime, enjoy Foppa's 1994 Olympic beauty. Can you say postage stamp, Corey Hirsch? I knew you could.

Fun With YouTube

Yeah, you might have been Rickrolled, but have you ever danced with Jhoon Rhee?

This gem came across my desk earlier today. It's was a staple of D.C. television in the early 1980s apparently, back when the Wizards were the Bullets and Mayor For Life Marion Barry was, well, the mayor.

Watch the goodness that is Jhoon Rhee, believe that "Nobody Bother Me" and, when you see the kid at the end winking at you, console in the fact that he got the crap kicked out of him after appearing in the spot.

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LCS Hockey: Born Again
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