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June 26, 2019
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Ice-olations: Stanley Cups, Rainbow Bars And Red Wings

Yeah, yeah yeah. The Detroit Red Wings are enjoying their time with the Stanley Cup.

(Sunshine) you, Detroit!

We've already heard the story this summer about Chris Chelios and Kid Rock enjoying a day with the Cup -- while watching Matlock and drinking prune juice, of course.

And Kris Draper's infant daughter dropped a deuce in the Cup (Don't worry, in true Red Wings style Draper still drank out of it later that evening.)

And then there's Tomas Holmstrom.

On Aug. 8, Holmstrom got to tool around Pitea, Sweden, with the Cup. The partying was tame for most of the day. There was a baptism in the Cup. There was a barbecue. There was even a street festival.

And then former NHLer Lars Lindgren had another idea.

Why not take it a few more places in town?

So the Cup ended up next door at a place called "Loveland."

The rest is described in the official Stanley Cup travel blog:

"... but looking around, (they) realized that something seemed out of the ordinary. The rainbow flag was the first clue, but Tomas simply shrugged and invited those who were there, no matter their orientation, to celebrate with a drink out of the Stanley Cup."

Shanny Singing Blues?

Brendan Shanahan wants to play for the New York Rangers next season, but it's not clear if the Rangers want him.

OK, at the very least, they're not sure if they can pay him. The team is oh-so-close to the salary cap.

So while Shanahan waits for an offer to play at Madison Square Garden, there are several other potential suitors trying to lure him to their arena. The Devils and Flyers have reportedly shown interest, which makes sense in a way. Shanahan wouldn't have to relocate his family or leave them for a long stretch of the year.

But another team recently jumped into the mix: the St. Louis Blues.

Blues fans still long for the days of Shanahan playing for them from 1991-95. Remember those days? St. Louis fans sure do. They were all giddy after signing Shanahan to a free-agent deal before the '91-'92 season, only to see an arbitrator rule that the team had to give up Scott Stevens as compensation. Can't be happy over that one. The Blues had just signed Stevens the year before and owed the Washington Capitals four first-round picks as compensation.

So when the Blues signed Shanny, the Devils knew they couldn't get four first-rounders, so they asked for the moon-ah and got it.

Shanny didn't disappoint in his time in St. Louis. He scored 33 goals his first season, then exploded for 51 and 52 goals the next two seasons. He was eventually traded to Hartford for Chris Pronger, but remains a fan favorite in St. Louis.

Like a good PR man, Blues president John Davidson is capitalizing on the publicity surrounding the wooing of Shanny.

"We've thrown our hat in the ring," Davidson told a local paper. "When it comes down to it, Brendan has to make a decision that's right for him and his family. It could be New York. But we hope he explores the Blues as a viable option."

Will Shanny consider the St. Louis offer? Probably not, but all the talk is getting the Blues some much-needed off-season headlines...


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St. Louis Post-Dispatch

TV Schedules Released

In case you missed it, the NHL TV schedules were recently released.

For those who have heard of Versus and can actually find it on their picture machines, here's the schedule.

The CBC broadcast schedule (or at least part of it) can be found here, minus the theme song.

And TSN will be blaring the HNIC theme 24-7 this season on the following dates.

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LCS Hockey: Born Again
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