LCS Hockey: Born Again
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July 18, 2019
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Superhero Tournament - The Great Eight


Spider-Man (1) vs Black Lightning (15): Black Lightning has become the tournament darling, upsetting such powerhouses as Professor Xavier and Captain Marvel. And now the amazing Spider-Man is all that's standing between him and the Final Four.

Spider-Man is well aware of Black Lightning's incredible hot streak, so he isn't about to underestimate his seemingly overmatched opponent. The two foes begin circling one another, each wary of making the first move.

Sensing his hero could be in trouble, Spidey fanboy Jerry Fairish decides to take matters into his own hands. Jerry grabs a steel chair and sneaks up behind Black Lightning. But the intended attack goes awry, with the chair bouncing harmlessly off Black Lightning's afro and inadvertently catching Spider-Man right between the eyes. Stunned, the web-slinger is easy pickings for a Black Lightning electrical barrage. And down goes Spidey! Black Lightning is into the Final Four!

Good job, Jerry.


Batman (1) vs Captain America (3): Back in round one, Captain America battered Batman's little buddy Robin. Now the Caped Crusader is out for revenge.

Cap charges right in, wanting to use his distinct strength advantage to end things quickly. But Batman calmly stands his ground, meeting the onrushing Captain with only a manila envelope. A confused Captain slams on the brakes and accepts the strange offering. Inside are several compromising photos of him and Bucky. Ding, ding, ding. It's over. It's all over! Batman advances.


Hulk (1) vs Power Man (14): It's been a magical ride for Luke Cage. He's ripped through Spawn, Thing, and the Green Lantern on his way to the Great Eight. Could we be witnessing another Cinderella story?

Um, no.

Hulk smash puny human.


Silver Surfer (2) vs Flash (8): While it may not have been the biggest upset in terms of seeds, the Flash toppled Superman in the Sweet Sixteen, no doubt busting countless brackets. But what could he possibly do against the Silver Surfer? I mean, the Surfer has battled the Runner, one of the Elders of the Universe and the fastest dude since Eddie Felson. He isn't going to be scared of some chump in red leotards. Power Cosmic, do your thing.

LCS Hockey: Born Again
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