LCS Hockey: Born Again
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June 19, 2019
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Theo Fleury is an LCS Hockey hero and the idol of millions from eight to eighty. It was an honor having him on the big fake radio show last night. If you missed it, you should definitely give it a whirl.

My favorite part of the interview was when Theo said he hated the Red Wings. (Sunshine) Detroit! We're rolling nothing but Theo logos all week. Deal with it.

I put together a few videos of the stuff we talked about, including a clip of his "Rock Solid" reality show. And don't forget to visit Fleury's Concrete Coatings and the site for Theo's FAKE clothing line.

While we're at it, I'm just going to declare Fleury's Concrete Coatings the official concrete coatings company of LCS Hockey. That's right. Where you at, Yahoo? How you like them apples, ESPN? We've got an official concrete coatings company. You don't.

Russian brawl

Theo humiliates McSorley

Game Six OT goal against Oilers

Another great Theo celebration after scoring an OT-winner for Tappara during the lockout in 1994

Rock Solid (reality show)

LCS Hockey: Born Again
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