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October 22, 2019
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NHL '94 Lives!


Ah, youth. It's wasted on the young. Now that I'm a bitter old man, I enjoy harkening back to yesteryear, remembering when I was a plucky lad with a dazzling horizon of boundless opportunity spread before me. Yes, my days were full of promise. And I spent them the only way I knew how. Playing NHL Hockey for the Sega Genesis.

Now that I'm older, and all my dreams have been allowed to whither and choke, I often recall those halcyon days of yore when happiness was found in controlling a Cam Neely rush up the right wing or blasting a Tomas Sandstrom slapper top shelf. If only reality could be so meaningful.

In an attempt to recapture that lost glory, I thought it would be swell if LCS Hockey could somehow find a way to let readers play NHL '94 online. I didn't even think it was possible. I mean, I've heard talk we've been to the moon, and I know these VCR machines are all the rage, but actually playing NHL '94 online? Impossible, right?

Teppo goes five-hole

Wrong! Not only is it possible to play NHL '94 online, it's also incredibly easy to do so. First porn and now this? God bless technology. Take that, Unabomber!

A simple search for NHL '94 info led me to That's right, there's an entire web site dedicated to the magnificent game. A wonderful community of NHL '94 devotees exists. It's like a secret society of cool people. Their beautiful obsession has led to NHL '94 leagues and even updated versions of the game with current rosters and graphics. And these generous souls at have made it possible for everyone to relive the magical NHL '94 experience right on their own computers, providing the necessary software and instructions for easy download, installation, and online competition.

And it really is painfully simple. It takes literally two minutes to get things up and running. I'm not that bright, and I was able to manage, so I'm sure you, our valued readers, will have no problem whatsoever. Here's all you have to do...

1. Download the Sega Genesis Emulator. Just think of it as the Genesis console.

2. Download the NHL '94 ROM, which is like the old school cartridge. You use the emulator to play the ROM.

3. Read the instructions on NHL '94 on how to get started.

That's it. You'll be good to go. If you have any questions or problems, just email me and I'll walk you through it.

Li'l Messier
Li'l Messier

But the significance of all this is we'll be able to stage our own LCS Hockey NHL '94 leagues and competitions. We'll even have valuable prizes like a Li'l Mark Messier with a big head.

Before we get too involved, though, we want to have a few test runs. So we're gonna start with a practice tournament next week. If you'd like to participate, send an email to me at this weekend with "NHL 94" in the subject line. Include your name, location, the team you'd like to be, and the days and times you'd be available to play.

If this works out, we'll start staging regular competitions and probably have full leagues available for the start of the 2007-08 season. It's a brave new world.

And we're not gonna monkey with any of the doctored up versions. We're using the original game, featuring the rosters from the legendary 1992-93 season, which was hockey's golden year. Pat LaFontaine and Alexander Mogilny were on the Buffalo Sabres. Teemu Selanne powered the Winnipeg Jets. Pavel Bure paced the Vancouver Canucks. Joe Sakic led the mighty Quebec Nordiques. And, yes, there was also a little team called the Hartford Whalers.

I can almost hear the Brass Bonanza now...

LCS Hockey: Born Again
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