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June 26, 2019
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Lucky Burrito

Earlier this season, I wrote about the fish that saved Pittsburgh, chronicling how a singing Filet-o-Fish commercial changed the Penguins’ fortunes and single-handedly transformed them into Stanley Cup contenders.

Well, now it looks like Dan Bylsma has found another good luck charm. The Penguin head coach, whose arrival in the Steel City just happened to coincide with a certain singing fish, trusts in the power of the lucky burrito. A Pork BBQ Burrito to be precise.

Bylsma has become a regular at Qdoba Mexican Grill on Grant Street in Pittsburgh, and he orders his lucky burrito before every big game. The tradition has found its way to Facebook, pulling in more than 600 fans in three days. Here’s the official story from the Facebook page…

“Chad Brooks, who owns Qdoba Mexican Grill on Grant Street, observed during the season that Coach Bylsma has been stopping in before home games and eating a Pork BBQ Burrito and the Penguins have won every time he has done that (except once). During the series, Coach Bylsma ate the Pork BBQ Burrito and every time he did that, the team has won. He even bought two before they traveled to Washington – he ate one there and had the other packed in ice for traveling to DC, and of course, won. Other Pens, Matt Cooke and Tyler Kennedy, have been coming to the Grant Street Qdoba and buying the Chicken Queso Burrito…and the word is spreading.”

Of course, this begs the obvious question: why weren’t burritos taken to Detroit? Then again, if you were a burrito, would you want to go to Detroit?

And here are some swell pictures of Bylsma posing with a Qdoba employee and waiting to place his order.

Gimme back that Pork BBQ Burrito. Gimme that Burrito.

LCS Hockey: Born Again
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