LCS Hockey: Born Again
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June 26, 2019
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Notice: Things Are Changing

There's going to be a slight change to how things are presented here on the LCS.

First, you may have noticed Google has labeled us an "attack site." The massive corporate whore/government stooge has yet to respond to our emails, nor has it provided any evidence or explanation for its scurrilous charge. So screw Google in the ear. No more Google ads. Ever.

Unfortunately, as our pal The Ed routinely points out, we're in a "repression." I have to make money somehow, and the market for professional gin drinkers is not as extensive as one might think. With that in mind, I'm going to start rolling out hockey articles on various freelance writing sites.

I'll link to all these new articles here on LCS, and I'd appreciate it if you go and check them out. I get paid according to how many page impressions the articles get. If done properly, I could literally make tens and tens of dollars each month. Yes, I've very proud.

Anyway, since these pieces aren't written for LCS, they'll be pretty standard hockey reporting and whatnot, not much in the way of funny or opinion. Don't be alarmed. I'll still crack wise here on the pages of LCS. But the other freelance articles will be somewhat dry, although I'll try and focus on statistical analysis and other bits of interesting historical knowledge sure to delight no one in particular.

Thank you.


LCS Hockey: Born Again
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