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June 19, 2019
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Oh, Happy Day!

Reunited and it feels so good.
Peter Forsberg is back! Yeehaw! Better yet, he's back with the Colorado Avalanche! My prayers paid off. And by prayers I mean drunken phone calls to Sweden.

If you recall, when all the mainstream media was tripping over themselves to bury Forsberg's comeback, I said to keep hope alive. And Petey didn't let me down. He's the tops.

"Over the last several months, I have worked extremely hard in order for this to be possible," said Forsberg. "I am looking forward to putting this jersey on again. I have so many great memories of my playing days in Denver. I'm excited about helping my new teammates and former teammates in the coming weeks, and hopefully I am able to do that in the very near future."

It's only a one-year deal. I haven't heard financial terms. I'm guessing Forsberg will use the rest of this season to test his ankles. If they hold up, and he decides to play next year, he'll surely re-sign with the Avs and finish out his career in Colorado. Despite all the injuries, he's still just 34. His buddy Joe Sakic put up 100 points at 37. Petey could still have a few good years left.

While the Flyers are probably bitter, especially considering the Mike Richards injury, Forsberg belongs in Colorado. Forsberg is Butch Cassidy to Sakic's Sundance Kid. Seeing them together again is a gift to all hockey fans not in Detroit.

Now that Forsberg is back in town and Ryan Smyth and Paul Stastny are healthy, Colorado is primed for a serious playoff push. Of course, there's still the tiny matter of actually making the playoffs. The Avs are currently 10th in the West, four points behind Nashville and Vancouver for the final spot. Columbus, St. Louis, and Chicago are all still in the mix. It should be a wild, wild time.


LCS Hockey: Born Again
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