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August 17, 2019
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Lidstrom Transcript

Q. There is a lot of talk at the All-Star Game about the 84-game schedule. What is your personal preference? It wasn't long ago they were talking about reducing the number of games?

NICKLAS LIDSTROM: I think the reason is you can play every team in the league. I'm for that. I like to play every team in the league. I think you should play against all the teams and the schedule we have right now. So playing 84 games, maybe skipping a few of the exhibition games, I'm all for that.

Q. Of all exhibition games, are they the same?

NICKLAS LIDSTROM: I'm not too crazy about the exhibition games, especially this late in my career. But you know, it's a long year. We play a lot of games before the playoffs start.

Q. Realistically, how quickly are you ready to play NHL games now?

NICKLAS LIDSTROM: I think a week to ten days. A week to ten days I think you're ready to play again. I think it's more about getting the legs going again. Everybody's in shape coming into training camp. Skating at full speed like we do during games, I think it takes a week to ten days. And I think everybody's legs feel a lot better.

Q. You saw that goal being scored by Rick Nash, did it surprise you?

NICKLAS LIDSTROM: I wasn't overly surprised. If anyone can do it, these are the players that can do it. The stick handling and the spinning around, he's got good balance. So I can't say I was overly surprised when he got the goal.

Q. (Indiscernible)?

NICKLAS LIDSTROM: Facing some adversity, and some key guys have been injured, but we've still been able to win games. Just stepping up and playing the way he did, we've got some younger guys and some guys that picked up and played well when other guys went down with injuries.

Q. On Columbus Blue Jackets

NICKLAS LIDSTROM: They go out and find players and see the potential in them. He's an impact player. He's a guy that gets going a lot.

Q. What difficulties go with playing against him (Nash)?

NICKLAS LIDSTROM: He's got real good speed and good vision, too. He doesn't throw the puck away. He's hanging on to the puck and waiting for plays. He can do it on his own, too. He can bring the puck up the ice and meet a few guys with his stick handling abilities.

Q. Nash is one of the harder guys in the league because of his size and his speed?

NICKLAS LIDSTROM: I think he's one of the up and coming guys that's going to have an impact on this league. I think it's great to see some of the younger guys get a chance to play in a game like this and getting a chance to play more with their teams as well. I think he's one of those players.

Q. Does this break routine for you, year-after-year, or does each one have its own unique quality to it?

NICKLAS LIDSTROM: I still enjoy coming to the games. It's still fun going to the weekend. I've got my two little kids here this week. They've had a chance to meet some of the newer, younger players coming into the league. So I still enjoy coming to these games.

Q. A lot is being made of who is not here. Is that a fair thing to talk about or is it just the way it goes?

NICKLAS LIDSTROM: That's just the way it goes. You know, injuries and whatnot happens during a long year. A lot of players get an opportunity to come and play and show their skills, too.

Q. You have a big lead now?

NICKLAS LIDSTROM: Yeah, there's no guarantees. Having a good regular season to play well in the playoffs. But we, as a team try to do whatever we can to prepare ourselves for the playoffs. We haven't made the playoff round yet. It starts in the regular season. You can't just turn a switch on once the playoffs start and expect to play well. You have to play well going into the playoffs. And that's one of the things that we're talking about and trying to do.

LCS Hockey: Born Again
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