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June 19, 2019
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A Tale of Two Tussles

Sidney Crosby and Alexander Semin will be forever linked thanks to Semin publicly ridiculing Kid Crosby. And while Sid is doing everything within his power to make Semin’s nonsensical tirade seem prophetic, failing to register a point in seven of his last 12 games, the two foes were fighting once again this weekend. Only they weren’t punching each other. And truth be told, Semin wasn’t punching anyone.

With the Penguins in the midst of yet another humiliating defeat, and Boris Valabik’s ass otherwise occupied, Crosby took out his frustrations on Florida’s Brett McLean during Saturday’s 6-1 loss at the Igloo.

Before I get into the “fight,” let’s supply some context. Richard Zednik scored at 11:24 of the second to put the Panthers in front 4-1. On the subsequent center draw, Greg Campbell started yapping with Crosby. They gave each other the business the whole way up ice, eventually earning matching minors.

When Campbell came out for his next full shift, he lined up against Max Talbot in Florida’s left defensive circle. Talbot, looking to send a message about messing with Crosby, challenged Campbell, and they went as soon as the puck dropped. It was a good, long scrap, serving to fire up the home crowd.

Crosby went after McLean on the very next faceoff. While it definitely looks like McLean wasn’t expecting it, Crosby told a different tale.

“I asked him to go, and he said yes,” said Crosby. “And usually, yes means yes. I mean, I wouldn’t have wasted 20 minutes in the box for that. I guess he didn’t take me serious. I don’t know, it wasn’t worth 20 minutes, though, that’s for sure.”

McLean admits Crosby said something, but he insists he didn’t know what it was. Fair enough. Can you hear him now?

If I had to guess, I’d say McLean probably didn’t think Crosby was serious. Well, he was misinformed. But to his credit, McLean didn’t cry about it.

“Everybody can kind of understand what he’s doing for their team there,” said McLean. “He’s their leader.”

A few of the other Panthers weren’t so kind, calling Crosby childish and immature and whatnot. Of course, had Mark Messier done it, they’d be building statues in his honor.

People hate Crosby because he’s better than them. It’s the same reason people outside Edmonton despised Wayne Gretzky. But ripping Sid for pummeling McLean is ridiculous.

The Penguins are floundering, losing 10 of their past 14 and falling out of the top eight in the Wales Conference. Crosby isn’t scoring worth a damn. Something had to give. Sid snapped. And good for him. He should have done it sooner.

Again, if Jarome Iginla does it, they’re having parades across Canada. This is only an issue because it’s Crosby.

Now, that brings us to my girl Semin. Get your popcorn ready. This is gold…


Semin’s one of them fancy lads. Suddenly, Richard Simmons doesn’t seem so gay.

This was the true Winter Classic. Semin should be forced to fight once a year. Only once, though. More than that would ruin the “uniqueness.”

But you see where this is headed, right?

The Pens and Caps meet January 14. Sid “The Kid” Crosby versus Alexander “Sweet Sally” Semin. Book it. And on the undercard, Donald Brashear can beat up another high school kid, and maybe Ovechkin can fight a comb.

LCS Hockey: Born Again
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